Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Introduction to My Life

Hello, my name is Kenny D. I am currently a junior at Clemson University majoring in Financial Management. I'm not really even sure if I enjoy Finance since I am finally taking my first class in it this semester. I am a big fan of any sports teams from Boston, and I was severely disappointed when the Patriots lost the Super Bowl. Before attending Clemson I went to high school in Vermont. Sometimes I miss the weather up there when it scorching hot here, but I am so happy to not have to deal with 3 feet of snow down here.

I love hanging out with family and friends. I'm not really into just sitting around and talking. I like to try and be active. I enjoy playing sports such as tennis and football. Tennis is probably my favorite sport overall to watch and play. I'm hoping that Roger Federer can make a comeback next year and regain the world number 1 ranking. I also watch a lot of movies in my spare time. I firmly believe that a movie's top priority is to entertain, so I hate it when people give movies bad reviews if it isn't perfect. I am looking forward to this course and getting to vent my feelings on this blog weekly.

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