Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Web 2.0

I had to watch this video more than once to get the full grasp of it since it moves so quickly. I think that the part from the title "Us/ing us" means that we are using the internet to do so much in our lives, but most of us don't fully understand it. I'm sure that the little background information on HTML and XML lost a lot of people. I know a little bit about it, but not much. Web 2.0 is changing our lives drastically. When we get a job in the real world, we will be doing things way differently than people who did that job ten or fifteen years ago. It is important that we learn how to use the internet safely. My sister once had her credit card information stolen. She probably went on an unsecured web site. Web 2.0 is worse for people who are already in the work force. They have to relearn how to do everything electronically now. Our generation grew up with computers, so we have an advantage. I can do a lot of things with the internet, but my parents barely even know how to check their email. We can almost use this as an advantage when trying to get a job. I don't really agree with what it said we will have to "rethink everything." It's not like the internet just popped up overnight. I was confused why we would have to rethink things like 'love' and 'family'. I thought it was funny how the author went on wikipedia and just deleted everything on that page to try and prove a point.

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