Friday, December 5, 2008

The Final Blog Post

The most important thing to be successful in this class, and every other class, is to come to class every day. When you skip class, you miss important assignments and daily grades. To do well on the daily grades make sure to do the reading, especially early on in the semester. With the client project, it helps immensely to have a good leader. You want someone who isn't shy and delegates tasks well. The project is easy as long as you meet with your group and don't just do emails. Also make sure everyone is doing their assignments. We were lucky to have a cool project to work on. When it comes to the technology we use in this class, as long as you go to class you will know what to do. You will learn how to use everything during class. Making a blog and writing posts on it is very simple, and so is making portfolios. Never skip any blog posts. The two quizzes are easy, but you still need to study for them. Just make sure to have fun in this class. It is one of the most enjoyable classes you will take at Clemson.

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