Monday, November 10, 2008

Client Project Reflection

I have learned a lot from doing this project. This is the first time in a class that I have ever done something like this where we work with an outside organization to do a project. I love how we are doing something that feels actually worthwhile. When this class is over I will still be able to go onto the Clemson water ski team website and say that I helped create it. The best thing about this project is working with others. It gets boring having to do projects alone in classes. As I said earlier I also love how we're doing something that actually means something. The project isn't something that will just go away when the semester ends. I also like how this project has given me the opportunity to meet four new people. If it weren't for this project, then I would not even know my group members names. Our biggest challenge is has probably been having everyone at meetings or in class at the same time. Luckily everyone has done their parts and not left the rest of the group hanging. Something that I have learned that helps a lot in group projects is to be organized. My group has done a very good job at this. It's also good not to be too lenient on members that are slacking. Sometimes being a little hard, but not to hard on someone, helps motivate them. I need this type of motivation occasionally. Staying positive is also key when doing a group project. All of these things help make up a great team.

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