Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Free Topic

I always have problems coming up with good ideas to do for things like this. Probably one of the most important current events going on is the Wall Street crisis, but I don't know too much about it, even though I should since I am a finance major. Since I can't really think of anything important to talk about, the current event that I am going to talk about is the beginning of the NFL football season. I'm not really much of a college football fan. For some reason NFL football interests me so much more.

My favorite team in the NFL is the New England Patriots. To this day I am still depressed about their loss in last years Super Bowl to the New York Giants. I hate the Giants, and it's unfortunate because they are 3-0 this season. The other week the Patriot's quarterback, Tom Brady, tore his ACL. This is huge news in the football work. Tom Brady is perhaps one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. Him being gone is a huge loss for the Pats. Their new quarterback doesn't have much experience. He hasn't done too bad so far, so it will be interesting to see how they do this year. The other day they got crushed by the Miami Dolphins, who were by far the worst team last season, and were off to an 0-2 start this season.

On the subject of sports, now I'm going to move to the MLB. I also like professional baseball more than college baseball. My favorite team in the MLB is the Boston Red Sox. Big surprise. They have almost clinched a playoff spot, even though they have dealt with a lot of injuries this year. The Red Sox won it all last year, so it would be amazing if they could repeat. I love seeing the New York Yankees do terrible, not only because they are the Red Sox's biggest rivals, but because they spend ridiculous amounts of money on their players. Plus they are taking a lot of heat for building a new stadium. The locals are incredibly angry at the organization and city of New York for this.

P.S. My friend showed me this video on youtube the other day. I just had to link it for you since you love animals so much:


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