Saturday, October 4, 2008

Class Presentations

There were some really interesting presentations this week. They were are very entertaining. The first one that I am going to talk about is Cammy Culver's. Probably everyone is talking about hers because it was so unique. I think it is really cool how she has so many animals in her apartment. Obviously the thing that sticks out the most in her presentation were the squirrels. I didn't even know that you could buy squirrels. I think I heard you say that you were bit by a squirrel when you were younger, which is funny because my mom was also bit by one when she was a little kid. Anyways, the presentation itself was very interesting. I enjoyed learning about where she worked and what she has done for animals.

Another really interesting presentation was Kyle Carver's. I thought the topic choice was very creative. The whole why you need to eat meat thing was really funny. My sister would have argued with him so much if she were there, especially the meat helps prevent cancer thing. The pictures of the cows were really interesting. I have never seen anything like that one cow with the huge horns. They seriously must weigh their heads down.

The last presentation that I am going to talk about is Caroline Kennedy's. I liked learning about pole vaulting and how it is done, because I've only seen people do it a few times. She seemed very well prepared for her presentation. The video of the guy breaking his pole while jumping was really funny. I also liked how she had some audience interaction by asking us to guess things, like what the records were for the pole vaulters. There were also some cool, old school pictures of pole vaulters.

I learned a lot throughout all of the presentations, and I'm looking forward to Ben's presentation when we return to class.

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